Motorbike Tours and Rentals in Vietnam

Welcome to We are a motorbike tours and rentals company based in Hanoi. Our mission is to live out our passion for motorbike touring, and to help as many people to fall in love with Vietnam as possible.

Why Vietnam?

More and more people are making the decision to come to Vietnam each year. And it's little wonder: the breathtaking landscape, the hospitable people, the great food and drink and the affordability all come together to make it a fantastic destination. At the same time, the tourist industry is still in its infancy, at least when compared to neighbouring countries like Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. This is one of the things that makes it such a great place in which to ride. These are some of the experiences you're likely to have if you travel off the beaten track (or, indeed, the concrete/tar road):

  • You'll get to really open up on the newly built highways, and test your riding skills on tough mountain trails and jungle paths.
  • You'll meet people from minority populations, many of whom won't ever have met a foreigner before. They'll invariably be delighted to relax with you, and learn more about your culture.
  • Vietnam has it all: from stunning mountain vistas to pristine beaches. And, more often than not, you'll be the only foreigner for miles.
  • You'll try foods and drinks which have yet to make it into any recipe book.

Excellent Bikes

We have a fleet of genuine, late-model Honda XR150Ls and CRF250Ls.

Professional Guides

All our licensed local guides love touring and speak excellent English. Together, they have decades of dirt bike riding experience.

Great Roads

We modify our tour routes based on the inclination and ability of every tour group.


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