Travel + Motorbike Touring Partners

We only partner up with companies and individuals who share our passion for travel and, more specifically, motorbike touring. Here they are!


Companies Offering Motorbike Tours


MOTOLAO – motorbike and 4×4 Tours in Laos

The guys at MOTOLAO have been running motorbike tours in Laos since the year 2000, and they do a great job. When they come to Vietnam they ride with us, and vice versa. Check out their website: they’ve got some cool videos on it.


Travel Companies


La Paci Cruise – cruises around Ha Long Bay

La Paci have some beautiful cruise boats, and they offer great service—it’s the best way to see Ha Long Bay. We like them so much, in fact, that they are the company we use for the overnight cruise section of our 13 day tour of North Vietnam.