Motorbike Tours in Vietnam

Vietnam has everything: from stunning mountain vistas to pristine beaches; from long winding highways to challenging dirt trails. And the best way to experience it is by motorbike.

Short Motorbike Tours

Whether you don't have a lot of time or you're a new rider looking to dip your toes in the water, our short motorbike tours are an excellent way to explore Vietnam. Up into the Mountains takes you across some impressive mountain passes and provides a great opportunity to meet the minority folks who inhabit the mountains of North Vietnam. Night Train to Sa Pa, on the other hand, is easily one of the best ways to explore the bustling market town of Sa Pa. This is because you save time getting there by taking the train, and can leave the town itself which has been becoming more built up of late to meet people in and ride through the surrounding villages. Lastly, Big Mountain Passes is just long enough to take you way up north across the Ma Pi Leng mountain pass on the Chinese border and past the massive lakes of Thac Ba and Ba Be.

Mid-Length Motorbike Tours

A few extra days allows you to travel further afield, and experience more of what Vietnam has to offer.

Long Motorbike Tours

With our long motorbike tours, we aim to show you all the coolest places in North Vietnam.

Why a Guided Motorbike Tour?

At, we offer motorcycle rentals, too. But we're convinced that the best way to travel this country is by taking one of our guided tours. Here's why:

Local Knowledge

Between them, our licensed guides have decades of combined experience and will be able to show you the best roads based both on your inclination and your ability. They'll also be able to help you communicate with the locals you meet on your journey, most of whom, particularly in more remote areas, are unable to speak any English.


All our guides are trained in first aid, carrying all the necessary equipment. You'll also be accompanied by one of our highly experienced mechanics, so you can ride with peace of mind.

Route Planning

While the destinations on each of our tours are the same, there are invariably a number of ways to get to them: highways, smaller roads and dirt trails. Our guides will select routes based on your inclination and experience, giving you the best possible ride. In addition, should any severe weather conditions hit (flooding and landslides, for example, are a common occurrence in certain seasons), we'll be able to change things up easily, meaning none of your adventure will be wasted.

getting back on our dirt bikes in Pu Luong
Our Prices

We aim to be as transparent as possible with our pricing structure. Here they are (all are per rider, per day):

Honda XR150Honda CRF250
1 bike$200$250
2-3 bikes$150$200
4-7 bikes$140$190
8-11 bikes$120$170
12-14 bikes$110$160
15-20 bikes$100$150
21+ bikes$90$140
Our Surcharges

And here are our surcharges:

Single, rather than shared accommodation:$20 per rider per night
Overnight train, including bike transportation (selected tours):$50 per bike
Bike transportation back to Hanoi, should the tour end in another city (selected tours):$100 per bike