Our Tour Guides and Motorbikes

We have one of the best garages of motorbikes in Vietnam. CRF250Ls and XR150Ls—all genuine, late-model Hondas.  But motorbike touring is a personal experience, and we're proud to say that since we began offering this service, we've made friends from all over the world. So, here's a little about our team:

Thang with two other riders in North Vietnam

Thang | Owner and Head Tour Guide

Thang had pretty much every job under the sun, including tour guiding, before eventually setting up his own garage. He did this in order to live out his passion for motorbike touring, showing other riders from all different countries, from many walks of life, the coolest roads and locations in Vietnam.
our stylish mechanic Duy drinking coconut water

Duy | Mechanic

Duy comes from a long line of mechanics. In fact, if you ever visit his home, you'll have to go through a room full of motorbike parts, his father's shopfront, to get to the living room. He loves motorbike touring, and rides almost every tour we do. We have yet to encounter a problem on the road that Duy couldn't fix.
Thang and Ruairi night selfie

Ruairi | Photographer

When I met Thang, I was driving a decade-old Yamaha scooter with one brake. He taught me to ride manual and took me on my first motorbike tour. Now we're brothers. I take care of this website for him, and take part in all the tours I can. I've been teaching English here in Hanoi for more than 2 years. I spend my free time touring and handling emails and bookings for dirtbikevietnam.com.

Our Motorbike Touring Philosophy

Every rider, and group of riders, is different and we strive to create the best experience for all our guests. This is what brought about our three-point touring philosophy:

Know Your Guests

Every rider and group of riders is different. Some, having only recently started riding, prefer a relaxed pace with plenty of breaks; others, often seasoned riders, love to challenge themselves in tough conditions and on difficult terrain. Some like to pause often to refresh themselves and take plenty of photos; others already have a Gopro strapped to their helmets and are looking to keep up the pace. We make a point of understanding what you're looking for out of your motorbike tour, viewing each tour as a collaboration.

Know Your Roads

Being ready to change up a route, especially in Vietnam, with its variable, sometimes extreme weather conditions, where many smaller roads don't even appear on a map, takes years of experience. This is something we pride ourselves on, and we are confident in our ability to plan routes that'll ensure you'll have one of the best motorbike tours of your life.

Enjoy Yourself

The first part of our mission statement is, 'to live out our passion for motorbike touring'—we just love doing it. Despite having ridden some of our tours many times before, there is always something new to experience: we might try a new road and discover some cool locations along the way, or stay at a new homestay and enjoy some great food and drink with a local family. Most importantly, we love to ride with and get to know you, our guests.